4 Effective Website Design Ideas for Businesses in 2022

July 21, 2022
By: Joshua Hay

Web design is inextricably related to technological advancements. Each year, developers and designers work together to create web projects that push the boundaries of technology and offer more immersive experiences for users. In 2022, this will be no different.

Here are four website design tactics you should use before the end of the year to get a head start on what is to come. Are you eager to learn more? So come along with us as we look at the top four website tactics in 2022.

1. Horizontal Scrolling

Contrary to popular belief, horizontal scrolling will become a regular feature in the design of web pages. It is a much more comfortable way of viewing content and allows you to digest a good deal of information quickly.

Designers will use a mixture of entering and exit animations to make websites feel more immersive and engaging. Moreover, the animations won’t be distracting, so users won’t be forced to watch them if they don’t want to.

There will also be subtle tracking markers on the screen’s left side that indicate how far along the page you’ve scrolled. This will let users easily go back to where they want to be.

2. Large-Scale Animation

Animations will be even more important in web design than they are now. This will come as a result of the number of companies using this tactic to create experiences that are more immersive and engaging.

The most popular form of animation is large-scale, web site-wide animations that transform an entire page into a scrolling experience. When a user scrolls, all the content on the page changes. For example, a user could scroll down to a map, which will transform into a floor-to-ceiling view of the city.

3. Asymmetric Layouts

Asymmetrical layouts help to impart a unique and memorable website experience to visitors. Rather than geometric shapes and straight lines, 2022 designs are focused on organic and fluid. 

This is because web designers appear to be trying to fuse digital design with real-world experiences. As there is an asymmetrical aesthetics in tree branches, slopes, and river banks, there can be in website design.

Asymmetrical layouts will also be more challenging, especially for designers who aren’t yet fully trained in this technique. This will make them a little more special and lead to more unique web design solutions.

4. Retro Designs

Retro font styles are used in various ways to create different effects. They may be cute on a blog, bold on a social media profile, or even elegant on a poster. Retro font styles can spice up a website layout, although they can be inappropriate on some websites. 

Visual designs often overlap, float around the page, use bold text and large font sizes, and layer elements to create a more interesting layout. Experiment with different ways to get the best website layout, focusing on user experience and branding.


Web design has come a long way in the last five years and will continue to evolve in the next five. Think about how websites were then versus how they are now, and then consider how they will be in 2022. The process is a bit like predicting the future, but the changes will almost certainly be coming.

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